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Reverse thinking on Earth Day & Generation Lost

April 22, 2012 Leave a comment

HAPPY PLANT-WE-INHABIT DAY! (a.k.a. earth day)

So, let’s celebrate where we are. Both in time and space; on earth, right now. Let’s celebrate with some reverse thinking.

There’s lots of events around today to gorge on the good and damn the damaging. I was asked if I was going to post about the wonders of certain aspects of the cattle production system in Canada and how it’s integral to maintaining the environment, rather than the destructive effect that the media loves to pin on it. Quite literally, every day really is earth day for many farmers and ranchers. And I’m working on a video for that, but I’ve got something more important to say.

I thought of posting to illuminate some of the less thought of effects of our love for new technology. How it would be a totally ironic post because I would be writing using technology and you would be reading using technology, and all it all contributes to destructive effects on our earth. So the green tech revolution ain’t so green. No duh really, I mean stuff doesn’t just disappear because we throw it out and the rate of tech innovation means higher rate of tech replacement, ergo disposal. The initial title was even “Is E for Environment or Waste?”. But no, there’s something more important than tech satire.

I opened my e-mail this morning to a note from a dear and loving friend, subject “Inspiring“. He knows I love rhetoric, literature and media. We’re quite the pair when we get into discussions, let me tell you! And even though we’re miles apart, he has awed me again.

This is the video he linked me to. So amid all the Earth Day events keep this in mind fellow young ‘uns.


In Honour of all those calving right now

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

’tis the season of new life in the cattle industry. Babies everywhere! My chats with the ranch-man always start of with “how’s calving?”, but usually I don’t even have to prompt to get told about the 24 new calves this morning. Followed by a run about mishaps, hilarity, frustrations and weather updates. Some days it is a call from being huddled under a sleeping bag to warm up a bit, others its from cooking a steak on the back porch (gotta love Alberta spring weather!). None the less, there is always the resolve to go back out, no matter how tired/cold/hungry, to check that calf and make sure all the moms are ok.

I’m so proud of the commitment and drive to give these calves and their mommas the best life possible. I was inspired to create a little graphic for his (and many others) resolve. And thankfully there is a website for that! The wording still doesn’t seem quite right to me, but  TA DA!


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Everybody’s on the net…why we blog

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

As I was listening to CBC Radio 2 Drive and rushing to clean my apt before having some friends over, I heard the lovely Rich Terfry chatting about his discussion with Sarah Slean about the meaning of her song “Everybody’s on TV”. Specifically a line in it that goes “cause a life unexamined, well it’s certainly not worth living“.

The gist of what I caught is how it’s a twist on the Socrate’s quote “the unexamined life is not worth living” (scroll down, it’s there). Although I’m always intrigued by how humans suppose we know exactly what our ancestors were meaning, the point is that we should examine our lives and question things. Slean (and I love the literary wit here) was maybe, according to Mr. Terfry, pointing out how in the modern day we all want to be on TV or in the lime light.

This got me thinking about why I started this blog. To be out there, or in here, where my thoughts are. Logically it must be some form of out there, because why else would I post my thoughts on a ridiculously public and uncontrollable medium. Or maybe it’s more to converse on virtue of things, with myself through the ability to re-read and re-ponder.

I’m hoping it becomes a more-than-me conversing. And starting to wonder if blogging is a modern contribution to examining our individual and collective lives.

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Moving pictures

January 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I tried my hand at video as a medium for communicating about what I’ve learned about beef welfare in Canada. Watching this a few months after I made it, it still makes me squirmy when I messed up the voice over in a few parts and there is so much more I wanted to add.

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