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Raise your voice for the cattle you care for

Right now, there is opportunity for you, every person involved in the beef industry from the cow-calf to the consumer, to voice how you care for cattle or want them cared for.

The Canadian Codes of Practice for Beef Cattle are being updated. That means they are being reviewed

Humor Time: Always makes me giggle about some special society that abides by "The Code" (must be said in ominous tone).

The Code

and revised to

incorporate new knowledge about beef cattle. These codes are said to be educational material for the public, reference material for the authorities and indicate what are the regulatory, industry basics and good practices (there’s nuances to that, but the homepage of the website will tell you all about it). From my experience, these documents perform all those functions and more.

To put it bluntly, in many different ways this document is the industry standing up and saying “Here is how we care for our animals”. I completely support the use of social media, outreach and education programs to say the same thing. Those are a part of the story of beef. But codes are becoming a big deal. Don’t believe me? Ask JBS, one of the big guys in the beef industry worldwide. They just used codes to certify production practices of some of their Australian feedlots. The codes that I’m referring to here, the Canadian Codes of Practice, seem to be aiming to one day be the reference document for those certifications.

If my understanding of the process is right, there is a period of public comment where you’ll get a chance to review the document before it is finalized and make comments about what they are proposing. I’ll make sure to post that when the time comes. But I believe that every person has the right to have the opportunity to speak up for the cattle we care for. And this is one of those moments.



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