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Starting Scared

Hello world.

I sometimes get lost in all the media and stories, both the good and the bad, about modern agriculture. Going home this past Christmas, I was grabbing a coffee at 2am from McD’s in T.O., amidst walking/subway-ing all over town and catching up with a friend. I was telling her all about how neat the new Angus burger is, because of the way it’s made and how the texture is different (seriously, the texture is so cool if you take a second and realize how different it is from the regular hang-over cheeseburger patties). She told me how it was neat to see how far I’ve traveled into agriculture and how she always learns something new about her food from me.

Then I got to thinking of all the chats with friends and people I meet. How weird it is that I’ve gone from being a city gal to spending more time talking, researching and thinking about agriculture than anything else. And that’s when it hit me….a streetcar….ok not really. I’m a huge geek. A Dorkus maximus. An Ag Geek.

I haven’t always trusted the modern way of farming. I was a vegetarian for about 9 years. I sought an education to help change the world. In the process it changed me. It made me love agriculture so much that I’ve committed my life to helping it be the best it can be. So I’m starting this blog to engage. Engage you. Engage me. To share what I’m learning.

I’m hoping this blog will be an open-minded, positive place for exploring thoughts and sharing my education. Over the next few days I will be getting the design and such in line. It’s scary to start blogging. Let’s hope this is good scary and not “eat your eyes out” crazy scary. So cheers to new things and hope you stay with me!

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